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What if no one answered the call?

What if you called to report a fire or other emergency and no one answered the call? Did you know that nearly 80% of America’s fire service is volunteer?

We often get asked on calls if we are volunteer. Yes we are! The Franklin Square & Munson Fire Dept is all volunteer, which means that when we get a call, we stop family dinner, work, errands and often sleep to respond to our communities needs.

Like everyone else, we are doing more with less these days. We have more training requirements than ever before to comply with State qualifications, more paperwork (insurance, maintenance, and administration of the firehouse) and overall less time it seems. we are able to provide an exceptional service because our of dedicated volunteers, but we need more help! We can’t do it alone.

If you want to help us & your community, stop by the Firehouse between 10a-12p on Sundays or reach out to us at

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