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The Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department traces its roots back to the early part of the Twentieth Century.  After several large fires occurred within the community, the need for some type of fire protection became critical.  The first fire company, Franklin Hook and Ladder Co. #1 of Munson, was organized in 1907.  It consisted of a horse-drawn cart with ladders and buckets.  The unit was housed in the town's first fire house, built by the company members on an area of farmland donated by one of the members.  A large bell, donated from an old schoolhouse in town, was mounted on the roof of the firehouse.  Whenever a fire broke out within the community, the bell was rung; sending out a signal to all of the volunteer firefighters.  They would come running to with their horses to pick up the ladder cart and go to the scene.  A reward was always given to the member who responded with the first set of horses to pull the ladder cart.

As the years past the town continued to grow.  As a result, more of a firefighting force was needed.  In 1923 another group of men organized the Franklin Square Hose and Chemical Company.  This company acquired a motorized engine and housed it in a second firehouse in downtown Franklin Square.

The Franklin Square & Munson Fire Department was organized in 1924 when the Franklin Hook & Ladder Company of Munson and the Franklin Square Hose & Chemical Company merged to form the Franklin Square & Munson Fire District. Each company had its own firehouse on Hempstead Turnpike, which still stand today; the Hook & Ladder house is now a church and the Hose & Chemical house is a Chinese Food Restaurant.

In 1959, a new firehouse designed to house the entire department was constructed on its current site on Liberty Place. Today, the department consists of three engine companies, a ladder company, a rescue company and an EMS company.

The department protects an area of about three square miles consisting of  Franklin Square, Garden City South, and parts of West Hempstead, with a population of approximately thirty thousand people.  Annually, the department responds to over one thousand fire and medical emergencies

Franklin Square & Munson

Fire Department 


841 Liberty Place
Franklin Square NY,  11010


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