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Important Community Information on the COVID-19 Outbreak

To the Franklin Square Fire District Residents regarding precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak:

If you are quarantined (mandatory or self-imposed) in your home due to possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, PLEASE notify The Franklin Square & Munson Fire Department with your address, either confidentially by calling us at 516-354-2110 EXT: 100, Or by placing a sign/note on your front door to alert our firefighters and EMS personnel to take infection-prevention precautions before we enter your home or business. By doing this you can help stop the spread of this virus.

We need to protect our crews so that they will be able to continue to meet the emergency needs of our community. Elsewhere there have been entire fire companies quarantined down after they responded to an infected home and were not alerted before entering. Those firefighters are now unavailable to help anyone else for 14 days, & in the Volunteer World we cannot afford to lose any manpower at this time.

If you do not live in the Franklin Square Fire District, it is a good idea to alert your local emergency service providers in your area.

Thank you- we are still here for you!

The Chiefs, Officers, & Members of The Franklin Square & Munson Fire Department.

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