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Generously Gifted RinseKits from the Franklin Square UFSD

The Franklin Square UFSD has generously gifted 20 RinseKits to our Fire Department. These portable RinseKits were gifted to the School District by the company and in return they donated them to us to help sanitize and Decon our firefighters and EMS members after any fire or medical call when needed.

We want to thank the Franklin Square UFSD for this generous donation to ensure the health and safety of our members during this on going pandemic.

Please see a photo below.

Theresa Hennessy, Assistant Superintendent Franklin Square UFSD Dr. Jared Bloom, Superintendent Franklin Square UFSD Chief of Department -Dominick Labianca 1st Assistant Chief -Joseph Gerrato 2nd Assistant Chief -Michael Multari

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