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Night Owls 1938-1
Night Owls 1938-1

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Engine Co. 1  Officers

Chris Howard

Chris Howard

Engine 1 Captain

Rob Fineo

Rob Fineo

Engine 1 Lieutenant

Engine Co. 1  Active Members

William Albers - Ex Chief

Jesse Anselmo - Firefighter

Anthony Battisti - Ex Chief

Frank Cutolo - Firefighter

Robert Fineo - Lieutenant

Joseph Gerrato – Chief of Department

Chris Howard – Captain

Jeremy Karlin - Firefighter

Mike Kelly - Ex Captain

Dan Maloney - Firefighter

Frank Malone - Ex Chief

Jack Ng - Firefighter

Erick Schmidt - Ex Captain

Robert Smith - Ex Captain

Harry Smith - Firefighter

Kevin Weeks - Firefighter

Engine Co. 1  Department Chief's

John Rath: 1927-1929
William Hubble: 1929-1931
John W. Leimer: 1932-1934
James W. Foley: 1937-1938
Peter E. Blumke: 1938-1940
Hugh J. Quinn Jr. (Ex-Asst. Chief) 1941-1944
Ernest Rudloff Jr.: 1945 – 1946
Peter P. Zarada: 1946 – 1947
Thomas J. Mendicino: 1948-1949
Francis J. Lenti: 1953-1954

Anthony Blumensteder (Ex-Asst. Chief) 1957-1959, 1965-1966

John W. Schmidt: 1958-1960
James P. Rehill: 1963-1964
John W. Veigl: 1973-1974
William F. Albers: 1975-1976
Roger W. Albergo: 1980-1981
Robert Cavaleri: 1986-1987
Frank Malone: 1991-1993
Anthony Battisti: 2000-2002

Engine Co. 1  Current & Former  Board of Fire Commissioners

Chris Howard – Current BOFC


Peter J. Herman

Robert M. Hutchinson

Charles Miller

Hugh J. Quinn

Joseph J. Quinn

Joseph F. Ziegner

Jacob H. Holz

John W. Leimer

James W. Foley

Francis J. Lenti

John W. Schmidt

Robert C. Jones

James E. Graham

John W. Veigl

Louis Collins

Peter E. Meyer

Gerry McPartland

Roger Albergo

Engine Co. 1  Life Members

Ex-Captain Mike Kelly Jr.

Ex-Chief Frank Malone

Ex-Captain Robert Smith

Ex-Chief William Albers

Engine Co. 1  Honorary Members

Mark Anello

Ex-Captain Carl Gerrato

Ex-Captain Timmy Hager

Ex-Captain Gerry McPartland

Ex-Captain Dave Munafo

Frank Osso

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